Red deer

Rutting stags

Rutting stags

Deer rut

From late September until the end of October one of the highlights of the wildlife calendar, the red deer rut takes place. During this period the stags compete to mate with groups of hinds in a testosterone charged spectacle. The sound of roaring stags, described as “a cross between a chainsaw and a burp”, fills the glen and you may be lucky enough to see a pair of stags lock antlers in a duel. Rut safaris are available daily throughout this period with the option of a dawn trip to catch the best of the action.

Trip lasts 3.5 to 4 hours

Stag silhouette

Lone Stag

Deer safari.

Red deer can be found on the mountains of Scotland throughout the year and on these trips we’ll be looking for the UK’s largest land mammal. In the summer months they are high up in the mountains however it is a rare trip that we can’t find a few animals in the high corries. Throughout the winter the estates leave supplementary feeding out for the animals which attracts them to the roadside where they present great photo opportunities.

Trip lasts 3.5 to 4 hours

Cost: Adult £37.00, under 16 £22.00

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